Sensory Diet Stations Work!

"This pro-active strategy provides my students the needed sensory input prior to a challenging classroom activity. The organized, visual presentation enables students to participate with varying levels of independence, raising self esteem, which is a key component to success! "
Beth Ford, Kindergarten Intervention Specialist, Loveland Early Childhood Center

"Sensory Diet Stations meet the sensory needs of higher functioning/older preschool age children. The stations are scripted which benefits both the children and the adult facilitator. The sequence is relatively quick to complete. The stations are accessible to the classroom (set-up in the hallway outside the preschool class)."
Tara Schnicke, Special Education Preschool Teacher, Loveland Early Childhood Center

"When Teri first approached me with the idea of creating Sensory Diet Stations for students to use throughout the school, I was immediately excited by the potential that it had to help us meet some of the needs of so many of our students.  Once they were made and up, they were an instant hit, and quickly became an integral part of the "tool kit" we could access as we make effective plans for our students to succeed.  Many of our students on individual education plans have some of the Sensory Diet Stations built into their daily routine.   I have been impressed by how many students we are able to help who aren't on any formal plans. Students who have sensory needs can complete the stations efficiently, usually independently, without any major disruption to their school day.  Having access to this resource has helped many of our students to stay more focused and enjoy school more.  That makes for happy parents, teachers and a happy principal, too! "
Kyle Bush, Principal, Loveland Primary School

"The Sensory Diet Stations are an awesome workout!  All my students want to participate.  It has helped my students focus in the classroom and become fully engaged in their learning.  It's short, sweet, and to the point! "
Lynn Engel, Second Grade Teacher Loveland Primary School

"My son Nick is a high functioning child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is currently in the third grade at Loveland Elementary School.  Nick demonstrates many sensory needs during the school day.  Many factors play into the need for more sensory input such as a larger more challenging work load, a bad day, etc.  Nick began participating in the Sensory Diet Stations in first grade.  These stations were an absolute miracle and helped Nick so much.  If he was having trouble focusing on work, the teacher would have Nick go out and maybe do station 5, which may have been jumping jacks for several repetitions. This was just enough time to release any anxiety and help him regroup so he could return to class and finish his work or concentrate during circle time.  Nick now can even tell when he needs a sensory break and the teacher can tell him which station to go to and how may jumping jacks, etc. to do and come back to class and it is just enough for him to be able to complete his work on his own and do it correctly the first time.   I can not express enough how important these Sensory Diet Stations are and how much they helped my son through challenging parts of his school day."
Parent of a second grade student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

"I think Sensory Diet Stations are good.   I started in 2nd grade.  I used to do them in the  morning - now I don't, because I can keep working.  In  fourth grade, I do them in the afternoon to keep on working and to help  me feel relaxed."
Brian Sullivan, 4th Grader, Loveland Elementary School.



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