Sensory Diet Stations

Sensory Diet Stations provides an organized approach to receiving sensory input on a daily basis.  Most students participate in the Sensory Diet Stations 1-2 times per school day.   It helps the student become more independent and responsible for meeting their own sensory needs in a school setting.

The Preschool Edition consists of six Sensory Diet Stations.  The student, along with their teacher, aide or OT, performs a pre-determined set of repetitions of each station exercise. The number of repetitions should be determined by your OT depending on the sensory needs of each individual student.

The School Age Edition is targeted for kindergarten through grade 4.  This edition consists of 12 Sensory Diet Stations. Once the OT has determined repetitions required, and the student is instructed, many of the students can be completely independent accessing the Sensory Diet Stations on a daily basis.

Each Sensory Diet Stations packet comes with instructions and advice for implementing the program, a description of the sensory input provided by each station, as well as suggestions to individualize it by using pictures of your own students or teachers.


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