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Teri Schad is a licensed occupational therapist with more than 25 years experience.  She has been an occupational therapist for preschool and elementary school students in Loveland City Schools (north of Cincinnati, Ohio) for most of her career. 

Among numerous continuing education courses, Teri has completed certification coursework in sensory integration, and has also completed the 8-week neuro-developmental training course.  Her passion is working with children who demonstrate sensory processing difficulties – over the years, she has developed many of her own techniques that have proven successful in helping children within the autism spectrum adapt to the challenges faced in an everyday school environment.  

Teri supports an inclusive model of education and works to help all children participate in their school environment to the fullest extent of their abilities.  She graduated with a B.S. from The Ohio State University Occupational Therapy Program in 1977.  She is a mother of two grown children and lives in the Cincinnati area.

The concept for Sensory Diet Stations was formed out of a need to provide proactive intervention not only for students on individualized education plans but also regular education students with sensory needs.  Many students need to become more organized and attentive during class.  Providing a structured, individually designed program of sensory input can help students to become more self-regulated and focused. The Sensory Diet Stations, in addition to sensory strategies designed and supervised by an occupational therapist, can help to meet the needs of many students.


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